Disney’s Lorcana Next Set Release Date Revealed, Production Increases for Chapter One

While many collectors are still in pursuit of cards from Disney Lorcana’s debut set, which made its debut at The POP Shop just a two weeks ago, product listings for the sequel are beginning to surface on various online platforms. Ravensburger, the game’s creator, confirmed the accuracy of several details in these listings, including the eagerly anticipated hobby store release date of November 17th. Ravensburger also confirmed the introduction of two starter decks, and the inclusion of beloved animated characters from franchises like Winnie the Pooh, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and Raya and the Last Dragon.

Ravensburger, in a statement across their social media channels, revealed their plans to ramp up production of Disney Lorcana booster packs to meet the soaring demand for this new collectible trading card game. Additionally, they are planning to reprint the first card set, titled “The First Chapter.” This move is aimed at satisfying fans and collectors alike and curbing the inflated prices on secondary markets such as eBay. Ravensburger is committed to ensuring that every fan and collector can readily access cards at their local game shop.. Booster packs are expected to arrive on shelves of The Pop Shop around mid to late September, while the additional printings of “The First Chapter” will become available starting in January.

So, what exactly is Disney Lorcana? In this captivating game, players engage in a race to be the first to accumulate 20 Lore points. This is achieved by dispatching characters summoned from their card deck on exciting quests. These characters may face challenges from opposing characters during their quests, potentially resulting in damage or removal from play. Players utilize cards from their inkwell to summon characters and pay for various actions and items. Each turn, players can allocate a single card to their inkwell, where it transforms into a reusable resource for the duration of the turn. The game features three types of characters: Storyborn characters directly from Disney movies and properties, Dreamborn characters with unique traits and attributes, and enigmatic Floodborn characters, which can be summoned at a lower cost if a player already has a character of the same name in play.

Lorcana League – First Chapter

BEGINS: Sept. 7, 2023 and runs every Thursday
The Pop Shop extends an offer to its customers through a weekly league, where participants known as “Illumineers” accrue points by engaging in the game, instructing others, and fostering interactions within the league. These points can subsequently be exchanged for prizes. Exceptional players receive top prizes, and there are even random giveaways to spice up the excitement. View league dates in the “EVENTS” tab above.