Warhammer 40K Releases Eight New Tyranids for 10th Edition

The POP Shop is excited to announce the Warhammer releases for September 9th.

Exciting News for Warhammer 40,000 players and especially for Tyranid enthusiasts!  Warhammer is releasing eight new Tyranid models, to adds variety and customization options for Tyranid armies. New miniatures, dice, cards, and the 10th Edition Tyranid Codex, which will surely enhance the gaming experience for Tyranid players.

For those looking to start or expand their Tyranid armies, this pre-order is a fantastic opportunity to get all the essential rules and miniatures in one go. This release should breathe new life into Tyranid forces on the tabletop and provide exciting gameplay possibilities.

Warhammer 40,000 players, especially Tyranid players, will likely be counting down the days until September 2nd to get their hands on these new releases and start planning their strategies for the 10th Edition.

Contact The POP Shop to order any of the following items…

Short Code Product Name Format Release Date Price
51-31 TYRANIDS: NORN EMISSARY Plastic Box 09-Sep-23 $115.00
51-06 TYRANIDS: GENESTEALERS Plastic Box 09-Sep-23 $55.00
51-17 TYRANIDS: HORMAGAUNTS Plastic Box 09-Sep-23 $50.00
51-41 TYRANIDS: BIOVORE Plastic Box 09-Sep-23 $50.00
51-29 TYRANIDS: LICTOR Plastic Box 09-Sep-23 $50.00
51-32 TYRANIDS: NEUROLICTOR Plastic Box 09-Sep-23 $40.00
51-30 TYRANIDS: DEATHLEAPER Plastic Box 09-Sep-23 $60.00
51-34 TYRANIDS: TERMAGANTS Plastic Box 09-Sep-23 $45.00
51-01 CODEX: TYRANIDS (ENGLISH) Book (HB) 09-Sep-23 $60.00
51-02 DATASHEET CARDS: TYRANIDS (ENG) Cards 09-Sep-23 $35.00
66-86 WARHAMMER 40000: TYRANIDS DICE Dice 09-Sep-23 $32.00
BL3112 THE ROSE IN DARKNESS (HB) HB Novel 09-Sep-23 $30.00