Doctor Who joins Magic: The Gathering

Magic The Gathering: Universes Beyond: Doctor Who

Decades of captivating adventures have been the hallmark of Doctor Who’s timeless journey through the realms of time and space. Now, in the momentous year of the series’ 60th anniversary, Doctor Who makes its enchanting debut in the realm of Magic: The Gathering through the extraordinary Universes Unbound initiative. This transcendent fusion brings forth the Doctors, their steadfast companions, formidable adversaries, and more, manifesting as four magnificent Commander decks. Within these decks lie entirely new Magic cards, alongside iconic reprints bearing all-new Doctor Who-themed artwork, inviting you to embark on an immersive odyssey into the universe of Doctor Who.

These decks are the product of heartfelt dedication, skillfully weaving the rich tapestry of Doctor Who into the intricate fabric of Magic. The collective effort of designers, writers, and artists has resulted in an enchanting convergence that resonates with the ardent fans of both Doctor Who and Magic: The Gathering.

Just as the Doctor has traversed the cosmos on countless escapades, you too can traverse the planes with the inclusion of plane cards in each Commander deck. These cards vividly portray the iconic locales of Doctor Who’s expansive universe, with each deck boasting ten brand-new plane cards exclusive to Magic. These cards emulate the essence of Planechase, evoking fond memories of previous Magic: The Gathering releases.

Each Commander deck introduces novel cards that are sanctioned for Legacy, Vintage, and Commander formats. These cards are meticulously crafted for Commander play, enhancing the format’s inherent fun and social dynamics, cherished by players worldwide. Moreover, these cards will also be available in Collector Booster Packs, offering avid fans an opportunity to acquire rare variants adorned with special treatments and alternative border designs.



Magic The Gathering Doctor Who Blast from the Past Commander Deck

In 1963, the Doctor made their inaugural appearance, captivating audiences across the globe. “Blast from the Past,” a green-white-blue deck, reverently pays homage to those early years of Doctor Who, spanning from 1963 to 1989. The enigmatic Fourth Doctor leads this deck, accompanied by a cast of beloved companions, each introduced to Magic through the innovative “Doctor’s companion” mechanic.

Consider Sarah Jane Smith, who possesses the unique “Doctor’s companion” ability, allowing her to coexist as a commander alongside another creature, provided that the latter embodies the persona of the Doctor. This allows you to forge iconic alliances or create imaginative pairings, such as the Fourth Doctor joining forces with Rose Tyler, who typically considered the Ninth and Tenth Doctor’s companion. “Blast from the Past” eloquently encapsulates the essence of Doctor Who through the historic mechanic, originally introduced in 2018, which encourages the inclusion of legendary creatures from across Doctor Who lore.

The “historic” mechanic also intertwines with the concept of Sagas, an integral theme in the Doctor Who Commander decks. These Sagas vividly narrate pivotal episodes from the Doctor’s adventures, adorning each card with mesmerizing artwork and potent mechanics. Furthermore, the tokens featured in these decks are meticulously crafted to resonate with the Doctor Who universe.


Magic The Gathering Doctor Who Timey-Wimey Commander Deck“Timey-Wimey,” a deck presided over by the Tenth Doctor and his steadfast companion Rose Tyler, revolves around the enigmatic concept of time manipulation. This blue-red-white deck introduces a novel “time travel” mechanic, which revisits the manipulation of time counters first introduced in 1994 but expanded on greatly with the Time Spiral set. With a Doctor Who twist, “time travel” allows you to add and remove time counters, granting you access to suspend, vanishing, and an array of other captivating mechanics from Magic’s extensive history.

This deck thrusts the journeys of the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors into the spotlight, weaving a tapestry of characters, alien worlds, and exhilarating stories from the Doctor’s myriad adventures. “Timey-Wimey” seamlessly blends the Doctor’s escapades with the unique flair of time travel, featuring subtle references and delightful easter eggs that will undoubtedly leave fans exclaiming “Fantastic!” Who knows, there may even be another Time Lord concealed within its depths.


Magic The Gathering Doctor Who Paradox Power Commander DeckIn “Paradox Power,” the inherent chaos of time takes center stage as spells careen in every direction! This green-blue-red deck, guided by the Thirteenth Doctor and Yasmin Khan, embraces the paradox mechanic with unbridled enthusiasm, promising players unexpected and thrilling moments characteristic of the Commander format.

“Paradox” bestows distinctive advantages upon you whenever you cast a spell from a location other than your hand, seamlessly synergizing with flashback, rebound, suspend, and an array of other enchanting mechanics from the Magic multiverse. With these tools at your disposal, “Paradox Power” ensures an exhilarating whirlwind of time-travel shenanigans.

The TARDIS, a quintessential element of Doctor Who lore, amplifies the Planechase format within these decks, enabling you to traverse the universe in search of your next adventure. The plane cards vividly depict iconic locations from Doctor Who’s storied history, promising thrilling escapades in time and space.


Magic The Gathering Doctor Who Masters of Evil Commander DeckWherever the Doctor does good, there is sure to be a villain doing evil. This blue-black-red deck is all about the terrifying foes the Doctor has combated over their many journeys through time. While several characters from across Doctor Who make an appearance, the deck focuses on the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the many incarnations of the Master. This is embodied with the villainous choice mechanic, seen here on Davros, Dalek Creator.

When you force your opponents to make a villainous choice, they will be forced to choose between two options, each one benefiting you. As the deck puts pressure on your opponents, you can gather resources by drawing upon the power of the Doctor’s most infamous foes.

The Doctor has faced off against several powerful enemies in their past, each one planning to be the one that finally defeats the Time Lord. Which one would you choose to command your deck?
No matter what villain you choose to play as, this Commander deck allows you to take on the role of some of the Doctor’s greatest enemies. Get ready to upgrade your game with Masters of Evil.


Magic The Gathering Doctor Who Collector BoostersYou’re not merely celebrating Doctor Who with these remarkable decks. The excitement extends to Collector Boosters, elevating your cherished cards from this set with exclusive treatments, foil variants, and captivating artwork.

Surge foils make a triumphant return in Collector Boosters, delivering captivating renditions of characters, iconic moments, and more from the Commander decks, bathed in resplendent surge foil treatments. Please note that Planechase planes are not included in Collector Boosters and are unavailable in traditional foil, foil-etched, or surge foil treatments.

Collector Boosters also offer the opportunity to amass special TARDIS showcase versions of select cards within this set. Exclusively found in Collector Boosters, these versions bestow fresh, dazzling artwork upon cards from the Commander decks, imbuing them with flamboyant styles and breathtaking artistry. Notably, each incarnation of the Doctor boasts a TARDIS showcase version, alongside many of the Doctor’s steadfast allies and formidable adversaries.

Additionally, fortunate collectors may chance upon special serialized Doctor cards within Collector Boosters. These exceedingly rare, highly stylish printings of the Doctor bear their own unique serial numbers, with only approximately 500 copies in existence per card. These exclusive cards are solely obtainable from Collector Boosters.

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Doctor Who Commander Launch Party

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