The POP Shop Unveils Bold Growth Expansion Plans

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The POP Shop Unveils Bold Expansion Plans: Warehouse Growth and Retail Store Relocation in Sandusky, OH


Sandusky, OH – In an exciting development for local hobby enthusiasts, The POP Shop, one of the area’s most exciting hobby retailers, is delighted to announce a substantial expansion of its warehouse facilities. This strategic initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to elevating the customer experience and ensuring a sustained supply of our premium-quality products.


For nearly three years, The POP Shop has been operating a strategically located warehouse on State Rt 101. This facility has been instrumental in providing the retail store with essential buying opportunities, maintaining optimal inventory levels for our thriving store. Beyond storage needs, the facility has also served as a space for our ownership to engage in innovative product development.

Over the past several years, The POP Shop has been diligently working on a groundbreaking card sorting machine, slated for distribution in the latter half of 2024. However, the warehouse’s limitations in space have prompted the need for a change.

Expanded Warehouse:

This transformation is set to unfold in February, as The POP Shop relocates to a new warehouse adjacent to the existing one, boasting nearly triple the square footage. The expanded space is poised to revolutionize our operations, offering myriad benefits for both our customers and internal processes.

Customer Benefits:

The additional space presents a golden opportunity for our customers, promising an extensive inventory that caters to diverse interests. The amplified warehouse capacity will empower us to stock a wider array of products, ensuring our customers enjoy an unparalleled selection. This expansion demonstrates dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customer base while upholding the exceptional standards for which The POP Shop is celebrated.

Retail Store Relocation:

In tandem with our warehouse expansion, The POP Shop is excited to announce the relocation of its retail store to the expanded warehouse, scheduled for May 1st. This strategic move is designed to enhance operational efficiency and create a more spacious and enjoyable shopping environment for our valued customers.

Assurances and Confidence:

Anticipating potential concerns, The POP Shop wants to reassure its customers that meticulous planning will be in place to minimize disruptions during the transition. We are confident that this expansion will put forth positive changes, positioning us to consistently deliver top-notch products and service.

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